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118 Park Rd
B19 1SU

Birmingham, 17 March 2011

Ms T. Smith
57 Queen Elizabeth Street

Dear Ms Smith,

Re.: Liability for damages caused on [date]

I hereby find you liable for all previously mentioned and possible additional damages inflicted upon [person or property] on [date]. In my opinion, you are liable for this damage in light of the fact that [reason for liability]. The damages currently involve [reason for liability] and amount to around [amount] pounds.

I offer you and/or your insurer the opportunity to have the damages confirmed by an expert within [number of] days. In order to do so, you can contact me by telephone on [telephone number] to make an appointment. Once this expert has detailed the damages, reparations will take place and I will claim the costs of this from you or your insurer.

I kindly request that you forward this letter onto your insurer.

Yours sincerely,


Henry Johnson